Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blah, Blah

Today was pretty much dead...at least at school. The first hour we did nothing. The second hour we took an exam and sat there doing nothing. The third and fourth hour we did nothing, so I colored Christmas pictures. This morning was the longest one since I had been in school. I was EXCITED when noon came. I raced out the door to my car. I pray we get something accomplished tomorrow. Tonight, I had a friend over for dinner and it was great. I made BLT wraps with sun dried tomato flour tortillas. Everything was fresh because it came from Central Market. This is my most favorite store for bying groceries. This was the best BLT I had ever ate!! I had a good afternoon and evening. I think I will be taking Zaria to the dog park this week and I still have a full week ahead. I love how God is working in my life and certain people around me. Everyday He shows me something more. Gotta run to bed. It is very late and I am falling asleep @ the computer. Later!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Hey everyone! I am blogging quite early this morning. I need your prayers and encouragement. I am going through a very difficult trial in my life and it is affecting me in areas such as going to school and my progression in weight loss. I am working very hard to keep my relationship with God strong because I know what it is like to lose this relationship and I CHOOSE not to lose it. I had an AWESOME, AWESOME weekend and I did not want it to end. I spent some quality time with my parents and a close friend. I love to be able to thank God for all the wonders and trials in my life, even though it is difficult going through these trials. I have to remember Matt. 11:28, "Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. God says He will give us rest... WOW!!! What does this verse mean to you? Do you believe and have faith God does this, even when we go through trials? I do. It is difficult, however He does not give us more than we can handle. Please think about this verse and let me know what it means in your life. I don't want just a closeness with my friends, but a spiritual closeness as well. I want to learn about your relationship with Jesus. Please read Phillipians 4:8-9. This is what we need to be doing and sharing with each other. :-)

Saturday, November 04, 2006


I have had a busy week, however it ended beautifully! Friday night I had some friends over for dinner and we just enjoyed hanging out, laughing and playing with Zaria, Nelson and Virgil. The cats look thrilled! Ha, Ha! It's funny...I used to spend so much time making sure things were perfect, that I was unable to truly enjoy my guests and take part in enjoying the activities. Friday night it was different. To notice this allows me to know I am growing and changing...it's AWESOME! After we ate and cleaned up we ventured over to MAIN EVENT for a night of bowling and music. We were only going to bowl for an hour, however everyone was having so much fun, we decided to stay one more hour. We had a fabulous time! I sure did not bowl as well as I normally do, (not that I am a pro) however I did o.k. The only thing that matters was that we had fun. Today was sort of a leisure day. I went to visit a friend this afternoon, we went to IKEA and then came to my house to make pizzas. They were good! One of my friends hung up my curtains I had bought from IKEA a couple of months ago. I am very thankful, now I can start my week with not only curtains but FABULOUS curtains. I still have to hang the two in the living room, but that is fine. My bedroom looks AWESOME! I am in the process of finding just the right lighting for my bedroom. The color of my bedding and things are eggplant and carmel...MMmmm! :) I am going to Burleson in the morning to visit my parents at their church. I am very excited. This is one place I feel comfortable and can truly worship God. I am going to stretches in 2 weeks and my friend Jennifer is coming from Oklahoma to stay the weekend with me. We are very enthusiastic! It will be our 1 year anniversery and we will see friends we have not seen since last November. It will be an amazing reunion! My father-in-law sent pictures he had taken of me 1 week after surgery and I looked at them last night...WOW!!! I could not believe I had been so big. Thank you Lord for turning my eating life around so I can live longer for you. It was embarassing to see how I let myself go. I am so blessed and thankful. It was definitley a reality check. I am working out even harder now. I joined CURVES. This is a place for women only, to come workout. It is awesome. My first month their I was the 2nd biggest loser. I had lost 20lbs and 9 1/2 inches. 14 of the 20 were fat pounds. I am thrilled. I would like to be number one next time...Heehee! :) I hope everyone is doing well. Remember to keep God first in our lives as well as in all we do!!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


These last three weeks have been a challenge. Satan is working hard to detour me away from Christ. I felt I was doing well, living strong then Satan throws temptation at me and is working to get me off track. I also know Jesus has been working just as much to show me what is pure, holy and righteous....Living for Christ. I am so blessed Jesus has shown me and now has my focus back to where it needs to be...on HIM! I know Satan is not done, however I believe Jesus will keep me strong and faithful. I know I am very vulnerable and feel lonely right now, however God is putting many brother's and sister's in Christ, in my lfe right now to pray and support me through this time of struggle. I am so thankful to Christ for allowing me to go through these trials. I am not sure why He sent me through this, however I believe God used these trials for me to grow closer to Him in my relationship with Christ. I know it is hard to admit when we are struggeling or when we have sin in our lives, but God wants us to do these things and as Christians we are to help carry the load. How can we learn, grow and change without admitting our sins and shareing our struggles? We can't! This is partly why we are here to help each other as well as teach Christs' Word. I can see changes in my life almost daily. Never before would I have reached out and asked for help or even be this honest in bringing out my sins and struggles. I know God is allowing me to grow stronger every day, in every way. Please continue to pray for me and for Jason as he struggles with his relationship with Christ. I believe God has a plan, we just need to believe and be patient.
Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Free in Christ

I have been very busy the past couple of months. I am almost finished with school. I have three more months of classes, then I begin my externship. With theholidays coming up time will fly by. I have begun my Pampered Chef business again. I will have my first chef show wednesday. I held a catalog show in September and now I have a few shows set up for this month and some next month. If anyone would like to have a show please let me know. I would love to guide you in discovering the chef in you.
I believe Christ has guided me to a wonderful spiritual church family to worship with. I am very excited to worship with this brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord has been guiding me on a journey these past two months and I am realizing what it feels like to be comp;ete;y free in Christ. I have quit weighing myself because I want God to be glorified in all I do. It is not about looks and size, however it is about health and living for Christ. I believe I was guided to have this surgery and I see Christ working on me through this and other trials in my life. I pray I am a good steward with the new healthiness I have been blessed with. I believe Christ will use my weight loss experience somehow for others.
I went on a spiritual retreat last weekend and I went Missouri this weekend. God used the R & R retreat to show me some things He has been wanting me to see and I was able to put some tough trials I have been experiencing into perspective. Through Christ I am living and not surviving. What could be more freeing than living for Christ?

Friday, August 25, 2006


Hello! I hope today is well for you. I took a challenging exam today, which was eight pages long and the last page was all short answer about the 8 different labs in a reference laboratory and what is required on a requition form for patients to have specimens and other tests done. I was nervous, however I made 105%. AWESOME! Those of us who were at class on time and ready to begin were given 5 bonus points. There were only 6 out of 20 students present.
I have made 100%'s this whole unit except for one 96% and I have received 28 bonus points as well. I was given a packet on A.B.K. (Alpha Beta Kappa). This is a very high Honors Society. The only way to become a member is to not miss more than 10 hours of class and make a 90% or higher on the CMA exam. I am going to order my study book for this exam and begin studying for my CMA exam. I felt excited that PCI feels I will do well and become a member.
Other than classes and studying, I am making friends and having a fun time hanging out with them. This week has been unusual because I have been extremely happy and laughing more than I have in a long time. I know the Lord is taking care of me. I have given all my struggles to Jesus and asked for Him to mold the situations according to His will and I am so amazed! Decisions I have been working hard to make for the past couple of years well, I believe thay have been answered. I being lead down a path I never dreamed of, however it feels right even though some will not ever understand, because I am letting the Lord guide me. When I allow Jesus to lead my life, give everything over to Him, there is no more confusion, worry , anxiety or unhappiness. Although it may seem disapointing to me and others about some decisions that will be made, I am prayerful that people will pray and realize I am leaving everything in God's hands and praying He will guide me down the right path to make decisions He would have me to make. We are not here for ourselves, but for Jesus. To spread His word, that people will know Jesus and become a child of His.
I am going to see a movie tonight with my friend Kimberlee and her daughter, Kirstie. We are excited and then tomorrow I will be going to my friend Holly's for her daughter, Marybeth's third birthday party. I am thankful I do not have much homework this weekend. This is not usual, however we have two huge projects due this next week with presentations, so I am happy. I start my third unit next friday...WOW, it is going fast!
Please, give me a blog anytime.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

...Give Thanks...

I love this scripture and I would love to share it, as part of our Lord's Word with you who are reading this right now.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
16: Rejoice always,
17: Pray without ceasing,
18: in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ
Jesus for you.
Please, do not look at this scripture and think to yourself, "Oh, I know what this says. I have read it over and over."
I charge you to really read and understand it and then pray about how being thankful in all things in your life because this is God's will for you, will enhance you life in every way.

This scripture has enhanced my life and it has a deeper meaning to me than it use to. Why? Because I am learning to be thankful in all things, whether good or bad. Most of us seem to only acknowledge thankfulness in things or experiences which are good. I have really been doing this when different experiences in my life today seem so dark and I think I am sinking rather than rising. I believe Jesus allows us to be thankful in all things so we can learn and grow. Something good will come out of experiences that seem rough now but in the end we will be able to see and along the way we can glorify God. I am so thankful to be a princess of our King and to have a relationship with my Father in heaven. I pray you are too.